Norwegian design | Handmade in Latvia


The idea for SAIGE came to life through experiencing how the world recently has changed the way we live our lives. As we are more at home and still working professionals, our designer Trude thought; - “Why not combine the two worlds to make ourselves feel a little more comfortable and gorgeous when we sit in the home office by ourselves, have online meetings and smaller gatherings in our homes?” 

Therefore, SAIGE is designed to be free spirited with few limitations, except, to be slow and chill, - offering a mix of loungewear & fashion made of the finest silk fabrics. “During fittings we tried out our t-shirt style ZHEN with a pair of high heels and the reaction was instant; - “WOW, this look is perfect for drinks at an art gallery, and not only for moments at home!” So, being versatile is a strong feature of this collection.

In addition to bringing you an effortless concept with a sense of luxury, SAIGE is an online collection - which fits perfectly for its purpose. Stay home, stay safe and stay fabulous!