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Explore the quality of SADONI fabrics with our Swatches

Are you curious about the feel and quality of our wedding dress fabrics? We offer fabric swatches for up to 3 dresses that you are interested in, allowing you to experience the luxurious materials firsthand.

Why Order Fabric Swatches?

Our fabrics are curated from the finest sources around the world, ensuring the highest quality for your special day. From brushed satin and structured crepe to silk tulle and flowing silk chiffon, our fabrics offer a wide range of textures to suit every bride's taste. Discover the intricate details of our unique laces, adding an authentic touch to your bridal gown.

How to Order:

  1. Choose Up to 3 Dresses: Select the dresses you're curious about and want to explore further.
  2. Comment with the Dress Names: Simply comment with the names of the dresses when you place your order.
  3. Receive Your Swatches: We will send you the fabric swatches for free; you only pay for the shipment!

Experience the Difference:

Holding our fabric swatches in your hands will give you a true sense of the luxurious materials we use. Seeing and feeling the fabrics up close can help you make a confident decision and further inspire your wedding dress choice.


Don't hesitate to order your fabric swatches today. Experience the beauty and quality of SADONI fabrics and be reassured that you are choosing the best for your wedding day.