Norwegian design | Handmade in Latvia

Meet our designer | Trude SADONI

A Journey Fueled by Passion, Creativity, and Inspiring Values


Welcome to SADONI, a luxurious Norwegian bridal brand founded by designer Trude SADONI. With an unwavering commitment to excellent quality, Trude's creative entrepreneurship has brought her lifelong passion for design to life. Discover a universe of unique wedding dresses that combine unique fabrics and light exceptional fit, with unexpected twist inspired by Nordic values.


Trude's tale began as a spirited soul yearning to create something extraordinary. Surrounded by arts and crafts, her artistic journey began crafting designs at the tender age of 10. Driven by her love for the French language and adventure, she ventured to Paris in 1998 to study fashion design and pattern making. Since 2003, Trude has led SADONI as the designer, CEO, and co-founder, transforming it into a cherished and recognized bridal brand based in Oslo.


In 2017, she fortified her dedication to quality and transparency by establishing her own atelier in Latvia. Now, in 2024, Trude has embarked on a partnership with the esteemed bridal shop, WHITE BY GREEN, to present the SADONI collections in Oslo, enabling her to focus on her true passion - designing exquisite wedding dresses!


Trude's relentless pursuit of a unique vision has shaped SADONI into a symbol of Nordic elegance and European high-end quality. Driven by her unwavering values, she ensures the entire value chain is traceable and sustainable, reflecting her dedication to impeccable quality and ethical values.


At SADONI, we invite you to explore our captivating world of unique bridal gowns infused with a distinctive Nordic touch - a blend of minimalistic beauty and effortless grace. Our website showcases a curated collection of wedding dresses that seamlessly merge natural beauty with modern, timeless elegance. Each gown is meticulously handcrafted with exceptional fit and attention to detail, enveloping every bride like a second skin, embracing her with grace and ease. 


Trude's passion for creating value extends beyond the realm of fashion. She has leveraged her skills and position as an internationally renowned designer to inspire others and make a positive impact. As you embark on this journey with us, we encourage you to follow our story and immerse yourself in the values that define our brand. 


At SADONI, we celebrate love, creativity, and individuality. Let's embark together, pushing boundaries, inspiring, and crafting unforgettable moments. Together, let's breathe life into dreams and cherish the beauty inherent in each of us.


Lots of love & light, - your designer Trude SADONI