Norwegian design | Handmade in Latvia


Discover the essence of free-spirited elegance and uniqueness at SADONI! Our collection is designed to transcend boundaries, offering stunningly elegant and unique wedding dresses. With a blend of timeless minimalist styles and a feminine, bohemian touch, we also create a wide range of mix & match pieces, allowing every bride to easily find their own distinctive look. 
At SADONI, our designer Trude SADONI brings Norwegian design to its finest expression. Each dress is meticulously handmade in-house by our atelier located in Latvia, where our skilled artisans delicately craft each piece with care and expertise. We believe that every stitch should be a testament to the love and dedication poured into creating a dress that will make you feel truly special on your big day.
Experience the freedom to express your individuality and celebrate your unique style with SADONI. Let us be a part of your wedding journey, ensuring that your dress reflects your personality and captures the essence of your love story. Book your appointment today and let our team guide you in finding the perfect dress that will make you feel absolutely stunning and unforgettable.