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Eco-Friendly Bridal Fashion | Understanding Sustainability in Wedding Dresses

Posted on December 15 2023

Eco-Friendly Bridal Fashion | Understanding Sustainability in Wedding Dresses

Eco-Friendly Bridal Fashion | Understanding Sustainability in Wedding Dresses

Bridal fashion and sustainability form a complex and captivating union. When delving into sustainable bridal wear, there's a multitude of factors to consider, from the materials used to the environmental footprint, the fair compensation of garment workers, and the garment's end-of-life cycle.

The beauty lies in the fact that wedding dresses offer a unique canvas for making sustainable, eco-conscious, and ethical choices, all while exuding elegance. Sustainability, in essence, revolves around mitigating the social and environmental impact of clothing. Consequently, an array of wedding dresses can be categorized as sustainable:

  • Custom-made, bespoke, or made-to-measure wedding dresses
  • Dresses crafted from organic, natural, fair trade, vintage, or recycled fabrics
  • Ethically crafted dresses, ensuring fair wages for workers
  • Locally-produced wedding dresses
  • Low-waste or zero-waste designs
  • Rental or borrowed wedding dresses
  • Second-hand wedding gowns
  • Dresses from brands with eco-friendly or charitable initiatives
  • Versatile wedding dresses suitable for post-wedding occasions

At SADONI, our mission is to design stunning wedding dresses while maintaining a mindful approach to sustainability, preserving elegance and luxury. All our dresses are made-to-order to minimize waste, employing economical fabric cutting techniques and purposeful fabric recycling. Embracing natural silk fabrics partially, our bridal separates are designed for wear beyond the wedding day. Our pivotal aim is ethical and local production in our atelier, minimizing carbon footprint by avoiding long-distance shipping.

Some have expressed surprise upon discovering the sustainable ethos behind our dresses! While acknowledging room for improvement, we're continuously striving to enhance our sustainability initiatives. Yet, we're proud to offer substantial value to our brides - more than just a dress.

Lots of love & light,

Your designer, Trude SADONI


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